A New Year and SO Many Updates

Poe and Tink I would like to say it is hard to believe I have not blogged here since early 2016, but it really isn't.  In the fall of 2015, I left my husband and his kiddo to start a new life . It was a mutual decision and best for us both. We're still friends and everything is fine there.  When I left, I left Ziggy behind with him and kiddo. Tink and Casey came along with me. It was a given Casey would come because I had her prior to our relationships. Tink was a little bit harder because she and the kiddo were very attached to each other, but the ex wouldn't be around much to help her take care of Tink. So, we felt it best that Tink come with me since she was also very attached to me and Casey. 

A New Year and Some New Updates

Hello everyone! I keep saying I am going to dust off this space and do something with it, but it is just so hard. I still miss Cain so much and I leave the site so that I am able to share his memory. But, that is not what I came here to write about.

Maybe It's Time for a Comeback

I've been thinking about how much I miss sharing my pets. I would almost bet Tink, Casey and Ziggy would love to have their blog back again. I miss blogging in the truest art form. It was fun and a wonderful way to share your life with people. I loved the friends I've made over the  years and I really miss that. It's time for me and my little fur family to get back to our roots.

Moving On

Source: Photobucket Hello everyone, I have good news, and some bad. Good news - we are moving! I have a pet section on my site, YUM eating that I feel is better suited and will give Ziggy, The Fish, Tink and Casey a lot more attention. Since launching YUM eating it has been hard to keep up with so many smaller sites. Since we don't have very many readers here or subscribers and have the potential to reach a wider audience with the other site. I've also been contacted through YUM about some great pet opportunities, so there's that too. It has also been hard to keep up with Cains Tales since the passing of Cain. It almost seems pointless to keep a blog about a dog we no longer have even though his spirit very much lives on here at our home. I tried to make it work, trust me! I doubt we will ever get another dog or pet with the name unless we adopt or foster a dog which has already been named. Even then, I'm not sure the pet blogging niche is my forte. But

Ear Cropping Boxers Dogs

Think about this for a minute . How about I take a medical knife or a pair of medical scissors and freely cut off a section of your ears. No pain killers, no nothing. It would leave you looking a bit like Spock. And then, we tape them. You can not remove them under any circumstances. As a matter of fact, you can not even scratch them when they itched; doing so could cause damage.

Dogs in Apartments with no Yards or Pet Parks

Should a person have a dog in an apartment which does not have ample yard or a dog park? The answer is probably not. I want you to put yourself in the dogs' position for just one moment. Apartments by average scale are small. Dogs, no matter what size need ample room to run around in. Not only that, dogs need rays of sunshine just as humans do. Humans need that Vitamin D the sun provides and dogs are no different. Locking them in an apartment all day is not healthy mentally or physically for dog.

Ziggy Wants It. And He Wants it Now.

Chewy arrived again. We love Chewy at our house. We know when that box arrives someone is going to be very happy. This months review is for Natural Balance Platefuls co-founded by "Eight is Enough" Dick Van Patten.